Apple sued "iPad" from Xiaomi

The EU Court   recognized the similarity of the iPad and   Mi   Pad and   forbade Xiaomi to register this trademark

Apple sued "iPad" from Xiaomi

Apple won the court   Xiaomi, and   now the Chinese manufacturer does not   can register in   EU   at   as the trademark name of the tablet MiPad.

What happened

Many gadgets Xiaomi, to put it mildly, resemble Apple devices, but   The Chinese decided to encroach and   on   tablet name. They created almost a clone of the iPad mini and   called it Mi   Pad, which   angered Apple.

What do you think

The Court considered that, despite   prefix " M " in   name, Xiaomi tablets are really similar   iPad. Yes   and   that   the most letter English-speaking users can read as " my "   - " my " . The results of the survey confirmed the indignation of Apple: not   English-speaking users noted a high degree of similarity, and   English-speaking   - an average degree of similarity of trademarks.

AT   As a result, the European Court of Justice prohibited the registration of the trademark Mi   Pad from   Xiaomi, but   just on   territory of the EU. The losing party will be able to appeal this decision to   The European Court of Justice.

Source: CNBC

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