Marvel will revive Wolverine in the 10-episode podcast "Wolverine: The Long Night"

By: Eugene Sherban | 06.12.2017, 15:12
Marvel will revive Wolverine in the 10-episode podcast "Wolverine: The Long Night"

Marvel figured out how to return to the public after a fatty Wolverine point that put the "Logan". The studio decided to experiment with   format and   release a 10-episode podcast about   Logan, who lost his memory and   is accused of   murder.

ABOUT   than history

A story called " Wolverine: The Long Night " will begin with   two FBI agents who arrive at the   Alaska, to investigate a series of mysterious murders. Suspicion falls on   wildly Logan. Fortunately it looks wild and   to   the   but nothing   remembers (yes, there will be a story about amnesia). AT   In general, Logan as always wanted to retire, but   adventures themselves found it, and   sense of justice is not   gave way to other people's problems.

Who plays Wolverine

Hugh Jackman, to   Unfortunately, not   will return, so the role of the mutant with   strange hair and   eternally lousy mood will take on   the image of a severe hero will be embodied by the Englishman Richard Armitage ( " The Hobbit " , the TV series " Hannibal " ). The story itself is written by Benjamin Percy, the author of the socio-political novel "The Red Moon " , who pretended to be a fantasy about werewolves and   Apocalypse.

What to expect from   this venture

It all depends on   addition, love   Do you   podcasts and   OK   Do you speak English? Percy assures that it will turn out great, because the format of the podcast is not   is bound by such frameworks as cinema and   here you can experiment well. By   spirit will be something the series " The real detective " and   audio stories in   the spirit of the sensational podcast Secret, which managed to gather a million audience of listeners. Naturally, with   light inclusions of the comic crustacean.