Warner Bros is preparing a sweep of the DC leadership after the feil with the "Justice League"

By: Eugene Sherban | 08.12.2017, 12:56
Warner Bros is preparing a sweep of the DC leadership after the feil with the "Justice League"

Variety says that after a failure with   " League of Justice " Head of Production Department DC   Films John Berg is demoted to   rank, and   DC itself   Films becomes part of Warner Bros and   moves to   the one   same office. Say, played in   independence and   enough.

Why is that?

Several years ago, after a failure with   "A person from   Steel " , the leadership of Warner Bros gave carte blanche DC   on   creation of a separate film division. It was headed by John Berg and   one of   the main ideologists of DC   In recent years, Jeff Jones (be sure to read his " Green Lantern " ). These two had to go   the footsteps of Kevin Feigi and   make your Marvel with   total gloom and   sad Batman.

Not   happened. That's why Berg was fired, Jones will become just an expert in comics, DC   return back under the wing of Warner Bros, and   the fate of other films has not yet   very clear. For example, Ben Affleck made it clear that he wants to get away from   any mention of Batman. Therefore, after " Flashpoint " we are unlikely to see it. Yes, and   new director of the solo album about   long-eared Matt Reeves is also not   off work with   another actor. For example, by Jake Gyllenhaal.

A   what's with   "Justice League"?

Sadness. After the reshuffle, the budget of the film swelled to   $ 300   million Plus the huge cost of   marketing, which could make up a good half of the film budget. AND   with all this for   3 weeks of world-wide movie about Superman, Batman, Flash and   the rest collected only $ 570   million. This is the worst indicator among all the films of the expanded DC-car. In this case, the studio will receive only 50% of the   this money   - The second half is taken away by the cinemas. A   this means that for   almost a month " League of Justice " is not even   repulsed its own budget. Analysts predict the " league " the final fees in   $ 590 - $ 600   million Plus , something else will drop from   sales at   DVD and   streamings.

Source: Variety