The flagship LG G7 will receive a new-generation iris scanner

By: Elena Shcherban | 09.12.2017, 17:30
The flagship LG G7 will receive a new-generation iris scanner

Company LG   patented a new biometric technology that will be used in   new flagships G7. This is an iris scanner of the new generation, with   which can not be   Only unlock the phone, but   and   protect your data from   prying eyes.


How it works

LG   It was possible to integrate the scanner into   front camera   - a   it's more free space on   front panel of the device. The scanner will be able to recognize its owner even in   pitch darkness. is he   analyzes the reaction of the eye with a bright display and   when the screen is off, because with different lighting, the pupil narrows and   expands. Only if all the parameters converge   - the system unlocks the smartphone, so cheat it   from   Using even the most high-quality photos or 3D masks   it will turn out.


But   LG Scanner Features   not   are limited only to the recognition of the owner. Even in   period of " rest " he   will monitor   user and   protect gadget from   " Outsiders " . The   if the phone gets into   hands of strangers   - the system will automatically lock the images and   other content.

Thus, the development of LG   It is a mixture of a scanner that   their advanced Samsung models, and   Face ID   from   Apple.

Recall, LG   G7   can submit already in January, before   presentation Galaxy S9. Smartphone can get OLED-display , top-end processor Snapdragon 845, and   the ratio of the sides will be 18: 9.

Source: LetsGoDigital