Unsuccessful start of YouTube VR

By: Anton Melnik | 18.12.2017, 11:02
Unsuccessful start of YouTube VR

Google has released the YouTube VR application for viewing video on the virtual reality platform Steam VR, the launch was not without problems

What are you complaining about?

The app met quite cool, at the moment, it has mixed reviews on Steam (about half of the reviews are negative). Users complain about the uncomfortable interface, management and design, however, what else to expect from early access. YouTube VR allows you to watch panoramic video in 3D, content in VR180 format, as well as regular videos. Any owner of HTC Vive can try the prog, but be prepared for certain inconveniences, like one running controller and scrolling through a click on the touchpad.

Google promises patches, you see, in a couple of months the application will still bring to mind.

Source: Steam