Experts named the most enduring smartphones of the year

By: Eugene Sherban | 23.12.2017, 12:34
Experts named the most enduring smartphones of the year

December   - time to sum up and   make up tops until they are   get out of   ears. But   guys with   of the PhoneArena site are slightly confused and   did not   the most obvious top   - the top smartphone that will survive even when before   the next charge is still tens of kilometers.

How measured

Unlike many other similar tests in   PhoneArena came up with a fairly simple understandable mechanics, which is as close as possible to the actual use of the smartphone. They set the screen brightness level at   every smartphone on   the same level (and   measured it with   using special equipment), and   disabled notifications, mobile internet, bluetooth and   other energy-intensive functions. After this, he was left with   the screen and   waited while he   completely discharged.

Who is the champion?

The most persistent of   persistent suddenly turned out to be BlackBerry KEYone. Eating from   battery in   3.505   mAh he   stretched out 12 hours and   26th   minutes. On   second in   ranking placed Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, which lasted 10 hours 57   minutes, having received a medal from   the editorial office is " beautiful " . Closes the top three leaders of Apple iPhone 8 Plus with   10 hours and   35   minutes of work.

A   this is what all the top energy-intensive smartphones look like. It is important to take into account that in   PhoneArena considered exclusively popular models. anti-shock " bricks " from   Caterpillar with   batteries for   missile fuel, which will be of interest only to Batman, in   top not   have got.

A source: Phonearena