In China they build a clever road, stuffed with electronics, like a ship Enterprise

By: Eugene Sherban | 26.12.2017, 12:59
In China they build a clever road, stuffed with electronics, like a ship Enterprise

If you   think that laying the road   - it's rollers, resin, shovels and   heat, then this stereotype is slightly outdated. For example, in   China is building an experimental high-tech road from   solar panels, which   wireless charging can   to go charging electric cars scurrying back and forth .

The " solar " canvas in Jinan will be put in   three layers. Below it will be insulating from   soil covering, on top of transparent concrete, and   between them a layer of solar panels, which must withstand the weight of a loaded wagon. Panels will accumulate energy and   transmit to   her   charging stations for   highway. AT   the road will be able to recharge electric cars with   using wireless charging. True, such charging will be installed only after a couple of years, when this technology is pumped, and   electric cars will become massive. So   The solar highway is equipped with a bunch of sensors and   electronics, which will help machines with autopilot to better navigate the road.

The high-tech linen will become part of the highway in   Jinan. In fact, it will be a small experiment with a long   almost 2   km, which will help to test new technologies so that   set up in a couple of years, when electric cars finally win. After all, high-tech roads were built and   earlier (for example, a sensory road in   Atlanta or the sunny highway in   Idaho), however this project will try to unite in   imagine literally everything.

It is interesting that, although   construction of the highway became known on   days, it was actually already finished costing   - now connect the power network, test and   want to run up   end of the year.

Source: Futurism