Morgan Stanley conducted a bitcoin analysis and came to the conclusion that now it is worthless

By: Eugene Sherban | 26.12.2017, 13:58
Morgan Stanley conducted a bitcoin analysis and came to the conclusion that now it is worthless

Experts of the largest investment bank Morgan Stanley investors have got from   questions, it is worth   whether to invest in or used itkoin   other cryptovalts. Therefore, k   At the end of the year they issued a weighty report, in   who tried to evaluate bitcoin with   point of view of conventional means of payment. Perhaps the most important conclusion   - with   point of view of currencies bitcoin does not   differs from   holes from   bagel.

Why is that?

Today's bitcoin reduces people from   mind only as an investment tool, which for   the year grew by   a record 1500%. But   As a payment tool, crypto currency is completely inconvenient. A person needs to understand   dozens of varieties of crypto currency, then deal with   The most understandable system of purchase and sale , and   at   end of   a large share of the likelihood of   pay a commission transaction. Compare this with   some kind of Android Pay, in   which is enough to bind the credit card to   application, and   then walk with   a smartphone instead of a purse.

In order not to   be unsubstantiated, guys from   Morgan Stanley studied the payment systems of the 500 largest online stores in   networks and   They tried to find out who   the bitcoins take them. Found only 3   store. Although, a year ago, they   was 5.

Important notes

As is always the case with   bitcoins, analysts made a small footnote. The thing is   The fact that bitcoin is completely different from   everything that was before, and therefore   evaluate it differently. is he   extremely biased,   It does not have a material embodiment like precious metals that provide its value, and   on   dynamics of its growth does not   traditional interest rates.

Therefore, in   letters to investors, analysts avoid any recommendations and   advise to take a closer look   introduction of bitcoin in   trade. If it goes   - that   everything will be great. If not, then   the cost of bitcoin will return sooner or later to   minimum.

A source: Businessinsider