Energous WattUp Mid Field - the first truly wireless charging

By: Eugene Sherban | 27.12.2017, 16:10
Energous WattUp Mid Field - the first truly wireless charging

The US Federal Commission has officially approved the first truly wireless charging of the Energous WattUp Mid Field. And this means that soon it will appear in stores.

Than it is more interesting than other charges

Any current wireless charging from Belkin or Mophie is " wireless " rather conventional. Most of   they require close contact with   smartphone and   outlet, from   which can draw energy. A   if the phone is slightly moved away from   charging, then   he   instantly comes out of   her   field of action. AT   in general, wireless they are very conditional.

Standard WattUp Mid Field allows you to distribute energy in a radius of 4.5   meters. However, in the case of charging Energous this distance has not yet been officially confirmed. Instead, developers promise honest 90 cm, which, in general, also gives freedom from wires.

The charging itself uses a transmitter that transforms electricity into   radio frequencies and   sends them   on   exclusive use receiver. By   in fact, on   today it's the only charge that truly supports the Wireless Charging 2.0 standard, allowing you to charge gadgets directly from the network, or "over the air."

When to expect

Since WMF has already received approval from   The parties to the Federal   connection, the developers from the start-up Energous can show already in   January 2018 for   exhibition CES 2018.

Source: Engadget