Video: giant rocket Falcon Heavy ready to take off

By: Eugene Sherban | 04.01.2018, 12:37
Video: giant rocket Falcon Heavy ready to take off

AT   instagramme Space X   a video with   collected and   ready for   the launch of the rocket Falcon Heavy. It is she who will come to   change the long-suffering Falcon 9 and   will be the most powerful missile in   history of SpaceX.

AT   signatures to   video says that the missile is already installed on the   the launch pad of the LC-39 . The launch will take place in   January, but   the exact date is still in doubt.

What is cool is Falcon Heavy

Each of the   three blocks will be equipped with ten engines. Thanks to this, she   once can bring to   Earth orbit 64 tons of cargo. It's on   12 tons more than the company originally planned. AND   almost in   3 times more than the Falcon 9. Falcon Heavy, like   Falcon 9, will be reusable and   will be able to return to   Earth with   orbit to take off again. The cost of one launch is 90   million dollars. AND   it's all on   thirty   million more than the launch of Falcon 9. No matter how   cool, and   excellent math is obtained.