Mark Zuckerberg promises to "fix" Facebook, so you again love him

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.01.2018, 13:01
Mark Zuckerberg promises to "fix" Facebook, so you again love him

AT   New Year everyone makes their own promises. Lose weight, learn Chinese, become kinder or quit   speculation on   course bitcoin. A   head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg promised to fix Facebook. Say, in   the last time he   became big and   importunate, so it's time to return the old lamp.

"The world is anxious and   is divided, and   the   Facebook a lot of work, whether it's   protection of our community from   insults and   hatred, protection from   interference with   other countries, or ensuring that users spend time on   Facebook is good. we   not   We can prevent all mistakes or abuses, but my personal challenge to   next year   - focus on   solving these problems " . -   wrote Mark.

Particular emphasis was placed on decentralization. Say, if before Facebook was a place where you can freely speak, then   behind   For the past couple of years, people have   the parties have learned to manipulate thousands of such opinions in   To achieve their own goals (see Trump's presidency and   scandal with Russian hackers ). Plus in   facebook has become a lot of fakes, persecution of political speculation. AND   all Mark wants to somehow correct, returning us our 2009th .

Source: Facebook