Tesla began installing solar roofs

By: Eugene Sherban | 11.01.2018, 10:46
Tesla began installing solar roofs

While critics are criticizing, Tesla does. Their   " Expensive, not   profitable and   no one   necessary " (by   According to critics, solar panels have already been installed on   roofs of the first customers' homes. As Electrek writes, this is one more step on the   ways to   environmentally friendly way of life   Ilona Mask.

Despite   high price ($ 220 for   square meter of the roof), who wish to make an advance payment in   $ 1000 and   stand in   turn on   the roof was a lot. Because of this, Tesla moved production from   Freemont on   a larger factory in   Buffalo. Tesla does not disclose the number of pre-orders, but it is rumored that they have covered more than a thousand roofs.

What is interesting about this shingles

Tesla's solar panels in   The most common shingles are made of   textured glass and   externally, it is not much different from   conventional roofing. However, they are able to pass through the sunlight, redirecting it to   Powerwall storage battery. Each panel is made from   tempered glass, which by   strength is commensurate with   steel. So   its   can be equipped with heating elements, which in winter can melt snow on   roof. AND   the   her almost eternal life. By   At least, so says Ilon Mask.

More about   her tiles tesla we   were told in this material .

Source: Electrek