YouTube allowed viewers to translate movie titles

By: Bohdan Chub | 31.03.2017, 12:06
YouTube allowed viewers to translate movie titles

To reach a wider audience on YouTube, content authors can translate the title and description of the videos into other languages, but this requires knowledge. The video hosting team decided to facilitate the task for users, allowing viewers to offer their own translation options.

It's more fun together

Today YouTube is visited by more than a billion people who speak 76 languages. To make content accessible to the maximum number of users, in November 2015, the service began testing the function of translating subtitles by viewers. Partners who decided to join the program immediately noted the increase in the number of views. According to the service, more than 900,000 users have helped authors with video localization, and the ability to translate titles and video descriptions is the next step.

How it works

Audience translations will be accepted only if the author chooses the appropriate option in the "Community help" section of the YouTube channel settings. First, the system scans the text for spam and inappropriate content, then it is viewed and edited by viewers, and only when the translation is checked the required number of times, it will be available to all users.

Watch - do not reconsider

In February this year, YouTube representatives announced the overcoming of a billion-hour mark of daily video views. One person would need a hundred thousand years to do this.

Source: YouTube Blog