Travelmate - unmanned suitcase for $ 1100

By: Eugene Sherban | 13.01.2018, 13:30
Travelmate - unmanned suitcase for $ 1100

FROM   a little late in   Our network got a wonderful announcement with   CES   - this is the ideological successor of Tesla, the unmanned suitcase Travelmate.

Travelmate   - is a substitute for a porter of luggage, which is not   requires   tea and   not   because of class inequality, but   carries exactly one suitcase. You can manage Travelmate with   using the application in   smartphone, as the most common drone. Or switch to   "the following modes of   me. " Then the suitcase with   the help of those   the same technologies that are used in   unmanned vehicles, will slowly roll for   owner, skirting other people, urns, fire hydrants and   wishing to cope with the need of dogs.

Travelmate is powered by   conventional lithium-ion batteries, which can be removed for   time to plant or replace when they come out of   building. FROM   their   You can also recharge a sat down smartphone, but   not   run around   airport in   search of outlets. So   There is also a GPS transmitter, which allows you to track the place of the suitcase and   find it, if it   get lost.
It's worth all this kind of money is not cheap.   - $ 1100.