In Singapore, launched an electric bus, which charges only 20 seconds

By: Eugene Sherban | 25.01.2018, 12:55
In Singapore, launched an electric bus, which charges only 20 seconds

AT   University of Singapore launched a test bus, the Flash Shuttle, whose battery is charged for 20 seconds.

Flash Shuttle runs on   fashionable supercapacitors, which are quickly charged, but   have a small capacity in   compared to   conventional batteries. AT   the case of Flash Shuttle is only 2   km of travel. Problem? Yes. But   decided it   exquisitely   - each stop is equipped with a simple charger, which feeds the battery of the battery. 20 seconds while passengers enter and   come out. 20 seconds to charge and   To go further. AND   spare battery for   just in case. 2 tea to the master who devised this.

The tests will last 2 years, after which the bus can be   city ​​streets of Singapore. French electric bus developers are confident that the Flash Shuttle is not only economically profitable, but also more efficient than other public transport in service.

Why it's interesting

Because the charge rate is on par with   battery capacity   - this is much more important problem today's electric cars than autopilot. AND   solutions for   dozens of them. Tesla, for example, started with   improve the charge itself, and   not   batteries. Toshiba is working on a fundamentally new battery with   anodes from   niobium titanium oxide. A   at   BMW just promise that their   iNext electric car by   all parameters eclipses Tesla and   can go with   single charge up to   700   km. True, o   they do not   are distributed.

Source: intelligenttransport