Japanese Coincheck cryptography was robbed at $ 530 million

By: Eugene Sherban | 28.01.2018, 11:56
Japanese Coincheck cryptography was robbed at $ 530 million

On   This week someone cracked the largest Japanese crypto-exchange Coincheck and   took out a lot of virtual NEM cryptonyms from there. At that time, at the rate of about $ 530   million, which makes this robbery one of the   largest in   stories.

How did it happen

AT   Friday January 26 Coincheck suddenly froze all operations with   crypto currency NEM. Then   from   the other altcoyins. Then, in general, almost any financial transactions. A day later the representatives of the exchange announced   robbery. Then in   questions materialized, who is to blame and who   what to do? Representatives of the exchange said that   them all in   procedure with   security. The head of the NEM Foundation said that with   NEM is also all in   order, and   the stock exchange itself is to blame, which neglected contracts with   multipass. In any case, the exchange will resume its work in a couple of days.

What will happen to   those who were robbed?

As reported by Bloomberg, Coincheck management now decides how, when and   than to pay with   users who lost money. Representatives of the exchange promise to close the formed hole from   own pocket.

A   what with   scammers?

So far, nothing   it is known. But   surely   they are all good.

Source: Bloomberg