LG will release G6 and Q6 in new colors

By: Elena Shcherban | 31.01.2018, 00:15
LG will release G6 and Q6 in new colors

It seems that in   LG   I'm not going to add my line   new models , and   old versions in   other colors. A couple of days ago we   wrote about   that last year's flagship G6 will receive a new shade of Raspberry Rose Co.   Valentine's Day, as after   he went two more colors   - Moroccan Blue and   Lavender Violet.


Who repainted

Together with   G6 new palette (for   except Raspberry Rose) will receive the Q6 model   - a state employee who appeared on the   light in   Last year. Thus, now G6   can boast of eight shades, and   Q6 - family. In addition to the color of the back panel, nothing else in the   smartphones do not   will change.

When to expect

AT   early February, " repainted " smartphones will appear in the   South Korea, after which their   will receive and   other countries.
AT   PR-department of LG   claim that "the exquisite shade of Moroccan blue was inspired by the beautiful blue buildings in   city ​​of Chefchaouen, Morocco " , and   Lavender Violet will appeal to users " who appreciate more exquisite things in   life " .

It seems that someone simply tries to speak teeth instead of working diligently on the new flagship. Recall, LG   G7 in   companies decided to completely redo it , so the   February exhibition Mobile World Congress in   Barcelona is not his   will show. Furthermore   - in   LG   while   do not   know when the flagship is ready, so   not   give about   forget yourself with new old models.

Source: GSMarena