IFA 2014, two days before the exhibition: photo essay

By: Instagagadget | 03.09.2014, 13:51
IFA 2014, two days before the exhibition: photo essay

ASUS Presentation

Samsung unpacked 2014 episode 2 in a few minutes. Do not switch

Samsung unpacked 2014 episode 2 - the public is going to


Galaxy note 4 with curved display

And it's played by music

A piece of advertising

How it was

Samsung Gear VR

No, not bent - it seemed
Note 4 will be available in black, white, bronze and pink case

Diagonal - 5.7, Super AMOLED

The front camera is suitable for selfie in the background of the stadium

And remember those times when Android-smartphones could be discharged during charging faster than charging? Note 4 promises not to suffer this way

The main difference between Note 4 and Note 4 Edge is a curved display that has repeatedly become the hero of rumors and leaks

S Health with applications and without a smartphone - it's cool

As LSD, only for the rich - the helmet of the virtual reality Samsung Gear VR

Galaxy Note 4 with crystals: from now on jokes about the golden iPhone have not become ridiculous

Plastic on the front panel is pretty

Gear S with rhinestones. How are you?

Well, in general, watch is beautiful. Is without crystals

Performance Note 4 in Vellamo

Galaxy Note 4 has learned to measure the level of ultraviolet - interesting, but will it be useful?

The difference in screen resolution is not felt at all

The result of Epic Citadel. And the interface does not slow down and does not even slow down. Unlike the Galaxy Tab S

Gear VR in red. Interestingly, but with Swarovski there?

Wireless speaker Samsung Level

Illumination is incomprehensible, but the bronze Note 4 is very similar to the gold S5. But the texture of the case in Note 3 was more interesting

Some write a video report immediately on Google Glass

Pink Galaxy Note 4 - checkmate, Apple