Energy Sistem 2021. Media player for two. With a handle.

By: technoslav | 21.04.2008, 00:46

Of all the variety of new media players, this model stands out at once with two characteristics. In addition, he supports all conceivable formats of media files. Constant readers gg is unlikely to surprise with new media players. But we will try to assume that you have not seen anything like Energy Sistem 2021 yet. To begin with, the player has two headphone jacks at once - you can listen to it (or watch a movie) together. On the screen with a diagonal of one and a half inches you can watch XVID movies or read books. In addition to music of any format. Built-in voice recorder and radio will melt the heart of any technoman. Especially for 55 euros and 4 gigabytes of memory. A pleasant addition will be the regular support for firmware updates - not every manufacturer advertises and recommends users to independently conduct this procedure. We do not know anything about the support of the Russian language (most likely it does not exist), but maybe someone will console a small (40 grams) weight of the device. Not to mention such a useful thing in the household as a carrying handle. Which practically similar to the device with the ancient radios of the last millennium. Energy1.jpg