Uber launches bicycle rental service

By: Eugene Sherban | 02.02.2018, 09:29
Uber launches bicycle rental service

Uber plans to launch a   rent of electric bicycles. The truth so far only in   mode for residents of San Francisco .

How it works

AT   A new Bike tab appears through the Uber application, through which   You can rent a bicycle. You can pick it up at   the nearest parking lot, and   leave in   any zone of the city, simply fastened with a bike lock. The rent will be $ 2 for   half an hour's drive. For a new service, Uber signed an agreement with   local company JUMP. Originally in   the park will have 250 bicycles, but   The company plans to increase their   amount up to   500.


Prospects for Uber Bike

AT   Uber noted that they are " full of enthusiasm " for   about bicycles. They rented 250 bicycles, and   through 9   months plan to increase their   quantity is doubled. The main advantage of Uber over other " bikes "   - this is an opportunity to leave the bike anywhere. Have   Most competitors like the GoBikes bike need to be left on   special bike parking. A   Parking is still small, which makes the idea less convenient. If the undertaking works in   San Francisco , then   surely flows into   other cities and   countries, as it was with   by Uber himself.

Source: The Verge