Samsung patented a slider with two touch screens

Modern slider, according to   Samsung has a second touchscreen instead of a physical keyboard that drives off to   side and   forms a large display

Samsung patented a slider with two touch screens

AT   Samsung decided to recall the once popular phones-sliders , improving them   modern touch screens for almost   the entire area of ​​the device. About   This is evidenced by the patent issued on   days by the US Department of   patents and   Trademarks (USPTO).

What came up

Samsung patented a slider that does not have   a familiar physical keyboard, and   second touch screen. The   there is a shift of the frontal section with   display, you   get a super-large smartphone with   double screen Thus, the front part is not   completely closes the back, and   only complements it.

Also behind the   images, the main camera is drawn, and   on   sidebar   - Volume keys.

Why this is necessary

The idea of ​​the slider looks unusual, but   at the same time   strange. Perhaps this design is useful when watching movies (although for this there are laptops or tablets) or a set of messages (hello, the old-good slider with   buttons). AT   Anyway, it's just a patent, and   translate   Is it in   a life   - time will tell.

Source: USPTO