Mercedes-Benz will begin testing unmanned taxis

By: Igor Nikitin | 05.02.2018, 09:41
Mercedes-Benz will begin testing unmanned taxis

The Mercedes car manufacturer will begin testing self-managed taxis this year.

What is known

Mercedes-Benz paired with the manufacturer Bosch has long been working on the creation of a self-governing car. Head of Bosch Volkmar Denner said that companies are preparing for the first testing of such machines. The prototype will leave for the road in a few months. Denner did not pay too much attention to details, but promised that the production of self-controlled cars would begin in the next decade.

The head of the company said that it would not be a standard Mercedes model with sensors. The manufacturer initially worked on the concept of an autonomous self-managed auto. So, engineers managed to achieve better ergonomics and performance.

Race Technology

Mercedes and Bosch should hurry, as similar concept is considered and other concerns. For example, BMW is preparing a self-managed car for 2021, and Waymo has already ordered a thousand cars from Chrysler.

Source: Automobilwoche