Memory of the UFS 3.0 standard will double the speed of the flagships

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.02.2018, 12:56
Memory of the UFS 3.0 standard will double the speed of the flagships

On   change the promising standard of flash memory UFS 2.1 came a new   - UFS 3.0. AND   without the fastest UFS cards in   smartphones and   tablets will be faster as early as   2 times.

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The old format of UFS 2.1 worked for   speed 530   Mb / s and   was in   average in   5 times faster than a regular microSD memory card. FROM   Improved versions, increased and   speed. AT   version 3.0 it reached   incredible 2.9 Gb / s, which will allow   the most powerful smartphone without a   system to record 4K video from   rate of 60 K / s. Well and   some kind of Full HD   film on   5 GB   will be read literally for   a couple of seconds, which is also very nice. Plus to   all UFS 3.0 is energy efficient and   resistant to   low temperatures, what attracts automakers.

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UFS   Is a relatively new and   not   The most popular standard of flash memory , which is now used occasionally   flagship devices. As a rule, manufacturers are not yet   especially advertise this information, but CEO Huawei Richard Yu   In the spring of last year, he mentioned that   the flagship P10 is a hybrid eMMC / UFS memory. So   Recently, Samsung introduced a line of flagship UFS-cards for smartphones that read and   record information in   2 - 4 times faster than standard microSD cards. Therefore, UFS has good prospects, but for mass implementation of 3.0 will have to be patient.

Source: Engadget