Citybirds Eagle - the thinnest and compact electric car

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.02.2018, 13:30
Citybirds Eagle - the thinnest and compact electric car

Startup Citybirds presented an interesting electric car Eagle, which knows a little more than a normal scooter. At the same time, the guys from   Citybirds claim that Eagle is the most " thin and   easy " electric   market.


Thanks to the compact electric motor, the Eagle can accelerate to   25   km / h. Battery charge is short of   15   km, but   there is a spare battery. It is inserted into   steering column and   increases the mileage in   2 times. There is a quick charge from   car battery.

When transporting, the Eagle folds in half, turning into a   one large tube. Judging by   photo, on   shoulder it   lies conveniently, but   here is   the easiest and most   compact   - this is a big question. is he   just smaller than the recent BMW X2City, but   not   the fact that less than those   same electrosagings from   Xiaomi. The body is made of   lung and   strong carbon fiber.

But   is not   all. On   The Eagle steering wheel has a display that can show driving directions and   information about   charge. If you connect it to   smartphone via Bluetooth, then   he   will be able to report on   weather, get directions, or find out about   upload to   roads.

On   exhibition in   Munich guys from   Citybirds showed a prototype, so information about   price and   the release date for   we have not yet.

Source: newatlas