The bitcoin rate sank to 6,000 dollars

By: Eugene Sherban | 06.02.2018, 08:33
The bitcoin rate sank to 6,000 dollars

After a dizzying takeoff to   mark in   $ 20   000 per   bitcoin, the most popular crypto currency shakes.

AND   if before the exchange fluctuated in   both sides on   plus or minus one thousand, then   now he   as if going to   bottom. Although, a year ago,   no one   dreamed. AT   the beginning of last week the course went down to   mark in   $ 10   000, in   end of the week fixed on   a record low of $ 7,750 . Now here it is   almost   overcame one more psychological mark in   $ 6000 and   sank to   $ 6   073. At   the moment of writing a note he   is $ 6   144.


Why does the price drop?

We saw that   advertising kindergarten on   blockade? There was a great joke about   that the rate of carrots depends on   carrots and   mood bunny. And, it seems that the mood of the   bunny is not   very cheerful. A   Seriously, then   no one has anything   knows, investors abuse the Chinese authorities and Facebook. The first continue to tighten the nuts of crypto-exchanges, the latter have banned the advertising of crypto-currencies and blocking in the world's largest social network.

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