In 2019 will be the first smartphone with a heavy-duty diamond coating

By: Elena Shcherban | 06.02.2018, 22:56
In 2019 will be the first smartphone with a heavy-duty diamond coating

Company Akhan Semiconductor is working on a heavy-duty protective coating for gadget displays   - diamond glass Mirage Diamond Glass. AND   the first smartphone with   Such protection must go to   2019 year.

What it is

Mirage Diamond Glass is made of   diamonds, artificially grown in   laboratory. The nanocrystalline structure is formed randomly, then   there are crystals arranged randomly, and   not   are aligned along the crystallographic planes. Such a method prevents the formation of deep cracks and   damage to the material under the glass.

Such a coating can be used together with   other glasses   - for example, with   Gorilla Glass, speaking in   quality of the upper layer.

When and   where to wait

AT   Akhan Semiconductor promised to introduce smartphones with   diamond coated screen in   end of 2017, but   not   happened. New deadline   - 2019 year. Now experts carry out stress tests to find out the strength of Mirage Diamond Glass and   its interaction with   touchscreen. Also they   to get rid of   glare, which " sins " the diamond coating.

AT   The tests take part and   manufacturers of gadgets, but   specific names in   Akhan Semiconductor does not   called. It is only said that the first device with   Mirage Diamond Glass will exactly become a smartphone, and   after   fitness bracelets and   Other devices.

But   not   We should expect a massive release of gadgets from   heavy-duty glass: diamond coating is not cheap.

Source: CNET