In 2017, Tesla suffered losses of $ 2 billion

By: Pavel Chuikin | 08.02.2018, 10:12
In 2017, Tesla suffered losses of $ 2 billion

The company Tesla published its financial statements for 2017. The revenue of the manufacturer of electric cars has grown significantly, but the company suffered losses.

As yet in the negative

Over the past year, Tesla has earned 11.8 billion US dollars. In 2016, this figure was at the level of $ 7 billion. But with earnings grew and loss: in 2016 it amounted to 771 million US dollars, and in 2017 rose to 2.2 billion. Last year, the manufacturer sold 102 thousand electric cars, while it was planned to ship no more than 100 thousand. The company could put even more electric vehicles, but because of the redesign of the line in favor of the fresh Model 3, Model S and Model X were no longer produced. And the total cost of manufacturing Model 3 was more than half of the company's expenses.

Still ahead

According to Ilona Mask, who commented on the situation with a loss, if by the summer of 2018 the company will increase the production of the new Tesla Model 3 to 5,000 pieces, from that moment the manufacturer will start to receive a net profit and will go on a plus.

Source: Reuters