In China, released a budget electric car costing $ 5600

By: Eugene Sherban | 10.02.2018, 11:35
In China, released a budget electric car costing $ 5600

General Motors in   cooperation with   Chinese automakers released for the Chinese market a budget electric car Baojun E100. The most interesting thing about   him   Is a price tag in   $ 5,600. Naturally, the demand for   Baojun E100 in   China was simply huge. The first party in   5,000 cars went to   pre-sale.


Under the hood, the Baojun E100 has an engine with a capacity of only   39 horsepower, but   due to the small size and   weight of the car, he   can accelerate to   100   km / h. Lithium-ion battery provides a power reserve in   155   km and   fully charged from   household outlet for   7,5 hours. It's all about the basic version. AT   " Pumped " Baojun E100 promise built-in Wi-Fi , a touchpad in   role of the controller and   access function without using a key, air filter.

How to buy

The Baojun E100 is designed for the domestic Chinese market and   at   its final price includes a state subsidy. Without it, he   the   $ 7,200 to   $ 9,300. Plus, most General Motors is not   it is advantageous to deduce it   on   international market, so that   compete with   their   the same electric Chevrolet Bolt. Therefore, buying a car outside of China will be extremely problematic.

Source: Electrek