Omate x Nanoblock: children's smart watch with a LEGO strap

By: Pavel Chuikin | 15.02.2018, 11:34
Omate x Nanoblock: children's smart watch with a LEGO strap

Children's smart clock Omate x Nanoblock, produced by Tata Communications, was announced.


The counter of the smart smart gadget was the LEGO-strap. Multicolored blocks on it move, and the small device owner is available various design options, which he himself will come up with.

What is inside

Omate x Nanoblock is equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi-modules, a GPS sensor and an emergency button SOS. A smart watch got a front camera, a pedometer, an alarm clock and a stopwatch. From one charge the device works for three days. A proprietary application gives parents access to the child's location. There you can also view photos taken on the front camera.


Release date and price

Pre-order new items can be issued from April. The "clever" Omate x Nanoblock watch will be on sale in June 2018. Available in black and white colors. The price of the gadget is 179 US dollars.


In the market there are many options for children's smart-clocks with different price tags and opportunities. Among the brightest representatives and possible competitors of Omate x Nanoblock are Xiaomi Mi Bunny, Alcatel Move Track and "smart" Huawei watches with Disney cartoon characters.

Source: Slashgear