Sony has created a BSI CMOS sensor with a global shutter

By: Bohdan Chub | 19.02.2018, 12:55
Sony has created a BSI CMOS sensor with a global shutter

Sony introduced a high-sensitivity CMOS matrix with backlight and global shutter technology, which avoids distortion of the shape when camera movements are abrupt or shooting fast moving objects. The company claims that this is the first sensor of this type with a resolution of more than 1 MP.

How it works?

Traditional systems scan the matrix line by line. The new 1.46-megapixel sensor under each pixel has its own analog-digital converter with low power consumption. As a result, the image is captured entirely and stored in the temporary memory. The modest resolution (1632x896 pixels) is compensated by the shooting speed, which can reach 660 frames per second.

In the example above, the letters "ABCD" on the fan blades were slightly blurred, but without the distortion that usually occurs when the sensor reads the sensor:

Option with numbers. Photos: Andor

And what are the competitors?

On the eve of Panasonic presented a more interesting development from the point of view of the mass consumer - a 36-megapixel sensor with a global shutter realized by using an organic light-conductive film. It allows you to read 8K-images at a frequency of up to 60 frames per second.

Neither Sony, nor Panasonic say anything about the timing of the launch of the production of new matrices.

Source: Sony