Fans of Paladins take revenge on developers for the introduction of "lootboxes"

By: Igor Nikitin | 27.02.2018, 12:42
Fans of Paladins take revenge on developers for the introduction of "lootboxes"

The situation with the "lootboxes" in Battlefront 2 strongly influenced the gaming community. Even EA did not expect that players are so concerned about the balance in online shooters. Poor developers even had to abandon the introduction of chests. Now the baby Andrew will be one car less. You are happy?

The war continues

The scandal with EA has already subsided a little, but in the "lootbox war" a new player has appeared. Paladins - a good clone of Overwatch, who did not manage to take away the audience from the "observers", but his fan base zaimel. The developers of the game Hi-Rez Studios thought that it was time to earn extra money and decided to add "lutboks" to the game.

Earlier in the Paladins, there was a cosmetic donat. He did not affect the gameplay, but only pleased the players' eyes. With the advent of "Lutboks", a system that is implicitly nicknamed pay-to-win (pay to win, - rus.) Will be introduced into the game. The player buys the chest, from the trunk fall out improvements for the abilities of the hero and now he already renames the account in the "Nagantor 9000".

Fans are retaliating

The fan community immediately took up arms against the developers. The players decided to show Hi-Rez Studios their indignation in the most horrible way - bad fan-art. Fans of the Paladins of all ages took up drawing the characters of the game, putting their soul into it.

The developers of Paladins have not yet responded to such rude attacks in the direction of the game. Perhaps, such demonstrative protests will influence the decision, and they will reconsider their policy.