In Ukraine, launched a loan service on the security of crypto currency

By: Eugene Sherban | 27.02.2018, 13:30
In Ukraine, launched a loan service on the security of crypto currency

The network of pawnshops " Skarbnitsa " rolled out an unusual if not   to say a strange favor   - loans secured by crypto currency.

How will the exchange rate fluctuation

AT   " Skarbnitsa " says that with   These problems are not   there will be   The IT system maintains an automatic accounting of the price   crypto currency and   amount of loan. AND   if the "X's" suddenly shot,   the course will go up, then   The system will automatically increase the amount of the loan to offset the difference between the old and   new price. Rights of the owner of the crypto currency and   obligations of Pawnshop on   her   return are guaranteed by the relevant contracts. The loan is given in   UAH before   31 days.

Why is it at all?

The main argument of the pawnshop in   this strange idea   - Absolute legal transparency of loans. Say, other cryptoblbers are working in a " black " way   - ask for money, but   then disappear, and   the   all of them   law. we   Other cryptombombs have not been met, so confirming or refuting is not   we can.


AND   everything here is absolutely beautiful and   thoughtfully, if   would not   one but. People who use microloans / go to   pawnshop and   people, u   which have contributions to   crypto-currencies   - it is 2 different universes. Yes   and   the process of perpetual revaluation of the loan due to fluctuations in the rate raises questions. Therefore, there is a suspicion that this information guide was born for the sake of HYIP, because the word blockade in   The name of the company increases its   the cost of   35 - 40%.