Save an account from theft: three important updates for the Xbox

Microsoft has announced three security updates for the Xbox.

Save an account from theft: three important updates for the Xbox

Account theft is a common problem, which, moreover, is difficult to resolve. To return the stolen goods you have to call technical support. Microsoft takes into account the antisociality of some gamers and introduces new security features for Xbox consoles.

What is known

The first feature is useful to people who know their own Xbox Gamertag, but forget the login to the Microsoft account. Earlier, to recall everything, I had to call in support of Xbox, but now it's done on the login screen.

Microsoft also added new options for restoring the Xbox account. If you forget the password or the attacker tries to access the "account", then you will be sent a security code to an alternate mobile number or email. Thus, Microsoft will understand that you are the owner of the account and will give access. So make sure that your extra contacts are up to date.

The third update is related to the abduction of accounts. If the thief tries to take your precious acc, then the message will come to the post office: "It seems that someone else is using your account." Earlier, in such a situation I had to call in support of the Xbox, but now the salvation is inside the console. In the recovery settings, you can change the password and check the security settings without any calls.

That's better

The innovation will be especially useful for Xbox users from the CIS, since Microsoft support outside the US is distressing. Now you do not need to call the operator to return the account or remember the forgotten login, because it is solved without departing from the console.