Xiaomi introduced a "smart" lid for the toilet for $ 190

By: Bohdan Chub | 07.03.2018, 21:55
Xiaomi introduced a "smart" lid for the toilet for $ 190

Xiaomi's crowdspaging platform continues to please interesting projects. Following the massage for the eyes and an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner, the company launched a "smart" lid-bidet for the toilet Tinymu Smart Toilet Seat.

Recognizes the owner of the Mi Band

The device is able to maintain a comfortable seat temperature around the clock. In vain not to spend electricity, on the smartphone you can create a working hours schedule, but the most interesting and economical option is to turn on the heating when the user approaches the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet on his arm. This automatically applies the personal settings specified in the application. After 30 minutes, the cover beeps and says "stop staring at the phone" .


There are different rinsing regimens, taking into account the physiological characteristics of all members of the family. The ceramic heater provides the optimum water temperature, and the filter destroys 99% of the bacteria. There is also a self-cleaning system for the injector. With the help of a carbon filter, the system cleans the air of unpleasant odors. There is also a highlight, the color can be selected in the application. For basic settings, it's enough for the conventional cover panel.

How much?

In China, Tinymu Smart Toilet Seat costs around $ 190. Prior to this, Xiaomi was selling a similar model of the Smartmi brand for $ 160, but it does not know how to track users around the bracelet and does not support the air purification function. Analogues on AliExpress will cost $ 220-260 or more.

Xiaomi's partners also produce regular heated seats.

Source: Xiaomi