Facebook patented self-robot with telepresence system

This device, which can travel to   two wheels and   to conduct video broadcasts.

Facebook patented self-robot with telepresence system

US Office for   patents and   Trademarks (USPTO) issued to Facebook a patent for   robot with   system of telepresence. The document called «Self-balancing robot» ( «self-balancing robot"). As it turned out, the application was filed in   2015, but   registered the invention only on   days.

What came up

Described in   The robot patent has two main wheels and   one small, but   thanks to the system of self-balancing it   can move to   two wheels. Next comes the mobile " tripod " , on   which is attached to the " head " of the robot   - a spherical module with   different displays, cameras, microphones and   speakers.

Why this is necessary

Such a robot can become an advanced self-stick or even a personal operator. Thanks to this device, users will be able to carry out live video broadcasts, video sessions, or   just make a photo session.

Source: CNET