Mobile Fortnite: developers talked about managing and matchmaking

By: Igor Nikitin | 12.03.2018, 18:29
Mobile Fortnite: developers talked about managing and matchmaking

Last week, on March 8, Epic Games announced that the "Royal Battle" Fortnite will be released for Android and iOS. The developers promised to make a copy of the full version for smartphones, but forgot to tell about the management.

Problems with management

Epic Games announced that they plan a cross-platform online mode for PS4, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Management of the latter will not be the best, and developers understand this. They promise that the support of controllers in the mobile Fortnite will appear in the updates after the release.

What with Cross Play

It is noteworthy that players of large "platforms" will not be able to connect to mobile gamers. In turn, users of iOS or Android can join the players on the PC. This system already works for users of consoles XONE and PS4.

"This is optional. PC-player can not join mobile, but mobile gamer can optionally turn on the game with PC-players. They will not be dropped into one matchmaking pool, "said Epic Games spokesman.

At the same time, console players will be able to play with mobile gamers, but users of PS4 and XONE will not meet on the battlefield.

Source: Toucharcade