Samsung patented a smartphone-scroll with a sliding screen

By: Elena Shcherban | 21.03.2018, 22:55
Samsung patented a smartphone-scroll with a sliding screen

AT   Samsung continue to experiment and   " Creat " with   devices with   flexible displays. On   this time in   network of the company's patent on   smartphone-package immediately from   three displays.

What it is

Application for   patent with   laconic title " Device with   display device " (Display Device) was filed last summer, but   published just now.

AT   documents describe a smartphone immediately with   three screens: one main and   two lateral. If necessary, they unfold, turning the device into a   a real tablet, and   fold into   " Tubules " with   using cylinders to   Side, leaving only the main display.

Thus, if desired, the user can increase the main screen by pushing to   side one or at once two additional sections.

While this is only an idea of ​​the company, which seems to be something supernatural. But   if its   still implement in   a life   - it will be interesting to look at   thickness and   other dimensions of such a smartphone.

Source: USPTO