NY Times: Uber had problems with autopilots even before the ill-fated accident

By: Eugene Sherban | 24.03.2018, 16:18
NY Times: Uber had problems with autopilots even before the ill-fated accident

After a bad time   all the relations of history, when the Uber drones shot down a woman , NY   The Times conducted its investigation. AT   the editorial team got to   internal Uber   spoke anonymously with   several IT specialists who cooperated with   Uber. AND   that's what they found out about   problems of the company.


The main problem of Uber UAVs is haste. The new head of the company Daru Khosrovshahi in April 2018 should come to Arizona with a check on the results of the unit. And since the Uber on the part of the race lags far behind its competitors, the developers plan in   spirit of the Five-Year Plan for   three years " . AT   result of the system in   hastily improved and   changed. For example, in   Uber quickly abandoned the   stress test in   transportation of passengers and the second " spare " driver in the   machine. That is, they skipped several stages, to which competitors spent months of checks.

So   the speed of the race was constantly accelerated   - if the first thousand miles Uber Uberbanks ran in exactly   year, then   on   second and   third   it took less than six months. As Uber explains, this rush in   compartment with   transfers from   cities in   the city does not   provided opportunities to thoroughly run the system as   competitors from   Waymo (Google) and   Cruise (General Motors).

Blame   whether Uber's   accident?

Reporters NY   Times press that in part yes. On   video shows that the driver, who could intercept the control of the   drone, right before the accident distracted from the   roads. The Arizona State Police believe that the driver and   UAV is not   to blame   - The woman suddenly jumped out on   road to   place and   accident was almost inevitable, regardless of   the one who sat behind   the wheel.

Source: NY Times