The first TV show Apple will not be released until 2019

By: Eugene Sherban | 27.03.2018, 13:06
The first TV show Apple will not be released until 2019

AT   In recent months, news of   that Apple is creating a service competitor to Netflix and   signed for him a famous director. But   despite   the increased number of announcements NY   The Times claims that streaming from   Apple does not   it is worth waiting for before next year.

Rumors about   start went still last summer, but   according to NY   Times, Apple is not going anywhere   hurrying. The company has not yet   staff (as long as there is a   40 people), and   allocated billions of dollars for   production of content in   The first year is most likely not   enough. Plus, not yet   the headquarters of the new unit is ready. As there is no   certainty with   title. They say about   Apple Worldwide Video, but   is not   exactly. Therefore, close to   internal kitchen sources and   say that to wait until the project before 2019 is definitely not   worth it.

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Once Apple launches its streaming in   counterweight to Netflix. Not   It is known when this will happen, but   Now Apple is actively collecting under the wing of serious projects and   top-end frames with   TV. The first series of Apple was neither   much neither   little resurrection of Steven Spielberg's " Amazing Stories " in   chapter with   by Spielberg himself. Then it became known that Apple won back from   HBO right the first wedding night on   a new project by J.J. Abrams ( " Star Wars: Awakening of Force " , " World of the Wild West " and   still a bunch of AAA projects) called " Half-light. " Then there was information that a new series for Apple would remove the young (33 years) and   critically acclaimed director Damien Shazell, who won a pack of Oscars for   life-affirming musical " La-La- Land " . And more recently Variety wrote that former US President Barack Obama wants to try himself as a leading political TV show. And for this show Apple fights in Netflix.

Source: NY Times

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