Netflix and Apple will argue for the right to show the political show of Barack Obama

By: Eugene Sherban | 10.03.2018, 14:00
Netflix and Apple will argue for the right to show the political show of Barack Obama

44th US President Barack Obama and   His wife Michel are in talks about   signing of a   cooperation with   the Netflix channel. About   this   reference to   Unnamed sources familiar with   the course of negotiations, writes The New York Times.

What the   show

While nothing concrete   it is known. Main option   - a political show dedicated to " inspirational stories " . In order not to   meant. According to data inside Netflix, Barack Obama, despite   lack of experience, will be the lead, and   his wife Michelle will speak in   the role of producer and   will occasionally appear in   frame. The project itself will provide Obama with a new way of communicating with   the public. In order not to   2. What is known exactly   - the show is not created   for the sake of dipping in   feces of the current US President Donald Trump. is he   and   himself with   it does a good job.

And here is Apple?

Once Apple launches its streaming in   counterweight to Netflix. Not   It is known when this will happen, but   Now Apple is actively collecting under the wing of serious projects and   top-end frames with   TV. AND   sources NY   Times say that Apple really wants to lure Obama to   yourself, but   Barack's close friendship with   one of   Netflix executives. But   and   Without this in the bins Apple has enough interesting projects   - the resurrection of Steven Spielberg's " Amazing Stories " in   chapter with   by Spielberg himself, JJ Abrams ' new project " Half-light " and   a nameless series from   director of the Oscar-winning " La- Laende " by Demnen Shazell.

Source: NY Times