The new TV series Apple will remove the director of the Oscar-winning "La Landa"

By: Eugene Sherban | 27.01.2018, 10:09
The new TV series Apple will remove the director of the Oscar-winning "La Landa"

It seems that Apple wants to launch such a streaming service to even HBO and even   Netflix, and   Amazon and   Hulu fled to   horror. According to Variety, a new series for Apple will remove the young (33 years) and   critically acclaimed director Damien Shazell, who won a pack of Oscars for   life-affirming musical " La-La- Land " .

Variety writes that Apple keeps all information from   strictest secret, so neither   names of actors, nor   the title of the series, nor   the plot itself. It is only known that this will be a drama. However, nothing is known yet and   about   the very service of Apple, so you need to be patient. Judging by   more frequent news, the specifics will be   soon.

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What else interesting cooks   Apple

The first series of Apple was neither   much neither   little resurrection of Steven Spielberg's " Amazing Stories " in   chapter with   by Spielberg himself. Then it became known that Apple won back from   HBO right the first wedding night on   a new project by J.J. Abrams ( " Star Wars: Awakening of Force " , " World of the Wild West " and   still a bunch of AAA projects) called " Half-light. " AT   center of this history is the family of scientists who fall into   car accident. Daughter and   father survive, and   here the mother remains in   coma. AND   when the daughter begins to dig into   her   scientific records then   somehow finds the door in   another world. A   there, as always, not   without a villain who with all his heart dreams of enslaving the world. After   daughter is sent and   father.

Source: Variety