Scientists have created a tracker of calories, which is glued directly to the teeth

By: Eugene Sherban | 28.03.2018, 14:21
Scientists have created a tracker of calories, which is glued directly to the teeth

Researchers from   Tufts University has developed a minisensor, which is installed directly into the   one of   teeth. What for? Then, in order to control the amount of calories consumed, alcohol and   sugar without a boring diary of calories in   smartphone.

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A tiny sensor measuring 2 × 2   millimeter is attached straight to   tooth as a sticker and   works without any wires. is he   analyzes the chemical composition of products that fall into   human organism. If greatly simplified, then   three layers of the label absorb the food received, the second layer analyzes it, the third layer transfers the information to the   smartphone or computer that counts and   data analysis.


Why it's cool

For those who once tried to honestly keep a diary of nutrition, the advantages are obvious   - all counting is carried out in   automatic mode, each calorie is counted impartially and   introduced in   final report. A   it means no one " ate pizza, but   not   I will record   - I   today deserved » . Well   and   plus automation   - constantly walk on   kitchen with   kitchen scales and   smartphones are not   very convenient, even if you   freelancer or bitcoin-millionaire .

Another question is whether it is correct   will count calories if it is loaded with something more complex than broccoli and   chicken breast. For example, the   same pizza or salad olivier, which are made from   heaps of different ingredients. For these answers will have to continue t. To. The device is far from   mass market and so far does not even have an official name.

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