NASA finances the creation of biorobots and transformers

By: Igor Nikitin | 02.04.2018, 09:29
NASA finances the creation of biorobots and transformers

The main task of NASA is space exploration. The company is simply obsessed with studying unearthly bodies and invests in new technologies. For example, the company invested in 25 projects at an early stage of development.

Idea, you are a space

Of the published concepts stand out two. For example, the "Simulator" is a horde of robots that can be assembled into special equipment. If you need to explore Mars, the robots will assemble on the plane and will scan the surface. Scenarios of use are limited only by the imagination of scientists.

The second entertaining patent is "Biobot". The development is intended for astronauts who will explore the surfaces of new planets. The cosmonaut will be attached to a robot with a life support system and consumables. Such a system will help the researcher to last up to four days away from the base. The robot even built a communicator to communicate with the Earth.

Each project received $ 125,000 and nine months for improvement. If the developers confirm the usefulness of the invention, it will pass to the second phase of financing. For a complete list of ideas, see the NASA website .