Google will disable extension for mining in Chrome browser

By: Igor Nikitin | 04.04.2018, 17:22
Google will disable extension for mining in Chrome browser

Google decided to deal with dishonest miners and removed the extensions that produce crypto currency.

What is known

Extensions will be disabled from April 4 until June. The company explained that they took this decision because of the growth of malicious application mining. At the same time, extensions that support the technology block will be active.

They themselves asked for it

Google allowed downloading of the Mining Extensions in the Chrome Web Store, which informed the user about the processes. Unfortunately, 90% of applications violated the company's policy and worked secretly in the background. This adversely affected the PC, which received an increased load on the processor.

"The extension platform provides great opportunities that have enabled our developer community to create a vivid catalog of extensions that help users make the most of Chrome. Unfortunately, the same opportunities attracted the developers of malicious programs that try to abuse the platform at the expense of users, "the message says.

Source: Google