Videos added to Tinder

Tinder tests Loops   - Two-second cyclic video that can be added to the   your profile together with   photos.

Videos added to Tinder

Dating for Tinder is now testing Loops   - short cyclic videos, with   which help you   you can tell about   yourself and   " Revive " your profile.

What it is

This is the first video feature in   Tinder. True, it can not be called a full-fledged video clip: the app gives only two seconds, for   which need to show all the most important. Full biography you   at   they do not   place, but   make up a grimace or show an attractive pose you   just have time.


How to add

To add this " history " , you either need to shoot the video " with   ardor, with   heat " , or choose any video from   storage and   " Cut " it to   two seconds.

Loops will appear in   questionnaires together with   ordinary photos.

While the new feature is being tested for   iOS devices in   Canada and   Sweden. When the function appears at   other users   - in   Tinder is not   specify.

also in   plans to increase the   profile (a   now   clips) with   six to   nine.

Source: Tinder