AI will make video games more realistic

Now creating a live animation in video games will be less expensive.

AI will make video games more realistic

Creating large gaming projects requires effort. This is especially true of the animation, which the developers are trying to make as lifelike as possible. Large studios can afford "motion capture", and smaller guys still use polygonal dolls. This animation is cheaper, but the effect is much worse. Now the developers have DeepMimic.

How it works

The technology uses artificial intelligence to teach virtual dolls the basics of "living" movement. DeepMimic is based on reinforcement in training. The system teaches the character, perform a specific action, and not just a movement that will accelerate the achievement of the goal.

A doll can be taught to beat a specific target, even if the animation is not intended for that purpose. For example, if the original movement is designed to hit the top point, then DeepMimic will teach the character to beat down or from the side. In addition, the technology adapts the movements to the size of the doll and takes into account the obstacles.

Who needs it?

The technology will be useful, first of all, to small studios. Now creating a live animation will be less expensive. Players will get more quality games, and projects from Greenlight will not look so ugly.

Do not forget about the scientists who create robots. With the help of DeepMimic machines will learn new movements, and researchers upload patterns to the brain of the robot. It turns out that before you go jumping in the real world, the pieces of iron will be trained in virtual, and scientists will save money on repairs.

Source: BAIR