How to download all your photos and videos from Instagram

By: Bohdan Chub | 25.04.2018, 10:46
How to download all your photos and videos from Instagram

Instagram fulfilled its promise , and now users can download a copy of their data from the photo service. No more third-party applications and sites.

What is needed for this?

In the Instagram application, the content transfer function will appear later, but you can create the archive through the official website. It is enough to go to this page , log into your account and specify the email to which the download link will be sent (by default, the address from the account is selected, but it can be changed). To confirm the request, the service will ask you to enter your password again. Creating a copy takes up to two days.

The file includes information about the account, all photos and videos, signatures to publications and comments, archive of stories (added after December 2017), messages in Direct (except self-extracting), contact list, nicknames of subscribers and accounts for which the user is subscribed.

In Facebook, the ability to download the archive appeared in 2010. Instagram users have long requested to add a similar function, but now the service simply has no other choice. On May 25, new rules for processing user personal data come into force in Europe.

WhatsApp too

The requirements of European legislation were not ignored by Facebook's messenger WhatsApp. First, the service had to increase the age limit from 13 to 16 years, although it is unlikely that it will change anything - when registering, people simply agree to all the conditions without reading the text. Soon, users will also be able to download data about their account, but without a history of correspondence.

Source: TechChrunch