Xiaomi promises to share its profits with users

By: Elena Shcherban | 27.04.2018, 17:58
Xiaomi promises to share its profits with users

Xiaomi made an unexpected statement, promising to change its principles of doing business. Now she puts the so-called limit on   net profit   - 5%.

What does it mean

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun says the company refuses to receive from   sales of smartphones, electronic components of IoT and   all kinds of gadgets more than 5%. This is the figure from   accounting for the deduction of taxes,   promotion of the brand and   user service.

All that will be more than this limit   - The manufacturer promises to distribute to its users. True, no specifics Lei Jun   voiced, therefore to whom, how much and   how will they give   - It is not known.

Why this is necessary

With the " reasonable profit " formula , Xiaomi wants to prove that it makes a minimum mark-up on   their goods, then   have them   products are sold practically on   cost. AT   As a result, the customer does not pay   behind   brand, and   behind   quality.

" With   from the very beginning we   proceeded to   relentless pursuit of   innovation, quality, design, user experience and   efficiency, the provision of the best technological products and   services for   affordable prices. we   We hope that our products and   services help our customers to achieve a better life "   " Emphasized Lei Jun.

While it looks rather utopian, so we can only wait for new details.

Source: TechCrunch