Roskomnadzor unlocked 3.7 million Google IP addresses

By: Elena Shcherban | 09.05.2018, 00:28
Roskomnadzor unlocked 3.7 million Google IP addresses

Roskomnadzor reported on   that six subnets or 3.7   million of Google's IP addresses , access to   which was closed due to the Telegram messenger , unblocked. By   RKNShowtime, unlocked five Google subnets, and   also the subnet of the DigitalOcean hosting.

What they say

AT   Roskomnadzor added that this decision was made for the correct operation of third - party Internet resources . But   The IP addresses that Telegram uses to circumvent " censorship " continue to be blocked.

" In   within the framework of the   execution of a court decision in   Telegram Roskomnadzor removed from   lock six Google subnets (more than 3.7   million IP-addresses ). In this case, the IP addresses of Telegram, located in the   of these subnets are fully installed and   blocked " ,   - told in   department.

What happened

AT   last month, the court allowed Telegram's   RF   behind   failure to comply with the FSB's requirement   providing keys for decrypting user messages. After that, VPNs were blocked and   proxy services that provide access to   messenger, and   The IP addresses of Amazon, Microsoft and   Google. Recently more than 3   Amazon's millions of IP addresses have been unblocked .

By   information system monitoring addresses , now under the ban remain 10.9   millions of IP-addresses . At the same time, Telegram continues to work.

Source: Roskomnadzor