EA will promote luteboxes in video games

The executive director of the company told about plans for microtransactions in games.

EA will promote luteboxes in video games

Lots of football made a lot of noise thanks to the new policy of Electronic Arts. In 2017, the gaming community rebelled against microtransactions in Battlefront II, but in vain.

What happened

EA Executive Director Andrew Wilson spoke about the company's plans for microtransactions in games. In the future, electronics will promote lootboxes and fight public criticism.

"As you can see, we work with all industry associations around the world, regulators in different jurisdictions and territories. We work with many for a long time and found that programs such as FIFA Ultimate Team are not gambling games, "Wilson said in response to a question about possible changes in the microtransactions of the FIFA Ultimate Team.

The director explained that in each FUT the pack contains a certain number of items. In addition, there is no way to exchange virtual money or items in real money. Given the legality of the system, EA will "continue to promote" microtransactions in games.

"We always think about our players. We always think about ways of delivering such experience in an understandable, cheerful, honest and balanced way for our players, "he added.

We do not care

Electronic Arts can continue to be justified, but the process is launched at the legal level. The Belgian Gambling Commission acknowledged that Lutboks in Fifa 18 violated the country's laws on gambling. Ironically, Battlefront II operates within the law. The Netherlands also stood up against microtransactions. The government threatened dishonest publishers with the application of measures if they see violations.

Source: PC Gamer